Unboxing the Google Pixel XL [Video]

Yes, we just published our full review of the Google Pixel, but we thought you might want to see what’s in the box. Besides the phone, you’ll find the USB-C power brick, a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging the phone, a USB-C to USB-A cable, the SIM tool, the OTG dongle, and more…

Here’s the official list from Google:

  • Pixel or Pixel XL
  • USB-C 18W adapter with USB-PD
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB Standard-A plug cable
  • SIM tool
  • OTG Dongle
  • Safety and Warranty information
  • Quick start guide
  • Google Play Music promo card
  • Google Assistant card
  • Google Social promo card

Check out our quick unboxing video below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our full review as well.

Detailed teardown shows what makes Galaxy S7 water resistant [Video]

You’ve perhaps heard of the JerryRigEverything YouTube by now. Normally, the channel’s videos are made viral because of the host’s tendency to subject brand new expensive smartphones to in-depth and brutal durability tests. Normally that involves scratching the screen, bending the device and burning the display.

In his latest video however, Jerry took time out to show some genuinely useful information. Peeling back the layers, we get a look at exactly what Samsung has done to make the Galaxy S7 water resistant…


Google continuing Chromecast push in latest ad campaign [Video]

Google has sold tens of millions of Chromecasts since its unveiling in 2013 and over that time we’ve had four models release — the Chromecast, second-gen Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and most recently, the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra. Now, Google is once again pushing its streaming hardware yet again through several new adverts on YouTube.


Hands-on with 5 Android apps and games you should download in May 2017 [Video]

There are nearly 1.5 million applications currently on Google Play and with so many choices, finding new worthwhile apps can be a hassle. As we have the last several months now, today we’ll be showing you a few more Android apps that you should definitely give a shot, as well as some new fun games…


Sony announces the mid-to-high end Xperia XZs, Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra [Video]

In addition to its just-announced XZ Premium flagship, Sony took on Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress to introduce three new devices that (hopefully) cover just about any performance and quality point on the road between the mid and high end.

They are the Xperia XZs, the XA1 and the XA1 Ultra. Let’s check them out…


Leaked HTC brand video reveals possible Vive phone, focus on color, material customization

HTC’s upcoming January 12th event carries a rather generic “for U” invitation. The latest rumors point to three new devices this quarter, with the first possibly being an underwhelming phablet. However, a leaked video from Evleaks shows that HTC might be focussing on customization and possibly a Vive phone.