Weird bug resulting in users seeing skull and crossbones emoji in Gmail

Update: Google has provided us with a statement, or rather a statememe, about the bug:


When logging into Gmail yesterday, some users saw a tiny “skull and crossbones” icon in the lower right of their window. Hovering over said icon revealed text like “Component Spy,” “Data Spy,” and “Channel Spy.  The issue is not widespread with one user mentioning that the bug only appears on one of his three Gmail accounts.


Replying in a thread on the Gmail Help Forum, a Googler stated that the issue is “purely cosmetic and should not affect normal Gmail functionality.” An issue with Google’s in-house debugger is responsible for the skull and bones and a fix is being worked on.

For some, the skull is still present today in Gmail across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. If the icon is so bothersome, switching to the HTML version of Gmail should get rid of it. Rest assured, however, that the skull and crossbones emoji should be gone very soon.

Notably, although probably unrelated, the skull and crossbones emoji was just recently added to iOS in the 9.1 release.

Some Galaxy S7 Edge users are reporting a ‘pink line’ issue on the display, Samsung may cover under warranty

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best phones released during 2016, and to this day, it remains an excellent option. However, as all phones age, issues begin to appear. Over the past few months, several reports have come out from S7 Edge users showing a vertical pink line on the phone’s display.


Android Pay will soon show users where the NFC chip is on various smartphones

One minor inconvenience that plagues Android Pay is that with the wide variety of Android phones comes many different locations for the NFC chip — and thereby some frustrating experiences if you can’t find it. On one device it might be located at the top, another in the center, and another at the bottom. As the Android Pay app continues to show users more about how to use the service, it seems that an upcoming update might help users actually find that NFC chip…


Project Fi accidentally notifies users of throttling, says it’s experimenting w/ opt-in throttling to control usage

This afternoon multiple Project Fi users took to Twitter to complain that they had received a notification from Project Fi that the carrier would begin throttling their data due to “excessive data usage.” Project Fi was quick to reply to each user and apologize for the mistake. Now the carrier has taken to Reddit to give an official explanation…


Google I/O numbers: 25M Chromecasts, 200m Google Photos users, 600 Android phones, 65B Play installs & more

Google shared some updates on company stats today while kicking off its Google I/O developer conference including updates on Chromecast, active users, new Android phones, Google Play installs and more.

In addition to showing off its new chatbot-style Google Assistant, Amazon Echo-like Google Home device, new Allo and Duo messaging apps, and Daydream VR platform, the company also announced 25 million Chromecasts sold, 200 million Google Photos users, 600 new Android phones launched over the last year, and 65B Google Play installs.

Head below for the roundup of all the numbers Google announced during I/O today and check back for more as the event unfolds.


Facebook intentionally made its Android app crash to test how addicted users are

According to a new report out of The Information, Facebook has been putting a variety of contingencies in place behind the scenes to ensure that should it ever feel the need to pull out of the Play Store, it could survive. The report details a variety of practices Facebook has engaged in recently to attempt and reduce its reliance on Google, the Play Store, and built-in Android features.