First major upgrade to Google Street View cars in eight years promises higher-res images

Google revealed today that the Street View cameras that sit atop the roofs of vehicles that roam and catalogue the world have received a quality bump. While this results in higher resolution images, it also means better data for its image recognition systems.


If you could, what specs would you upgrade in your smartphone? [Poll]

Whenever new devices come out, there are companies like iFixIt that tear themĀ apart and attempt to see how difficult it is to repair them. In these cases, though, they are only looking at how easy it is to repair broken screens, replace batteries, and fix other minor aspects of the device.

Today, we received a report of a Nexus 5X owner who was able to successfully double the amount of installed RAM from 2GB to 4GB. A while back, another user even upgraded his Nexus 5 with extra storage. If it was possible, would you manually swap out the preinstalled internal hardware for something newer and more powerful?


It looks like Samsung will upgrade the Galaxy S7 family directly to Android 7.1.1

It’s been a while since Android Nougat went public, but in the time since, not many OEMs have gotten around to pushing system updates to bring devices up to Google’s latest OS. With the latest monthly distribution numbers, Nougat still sits at just 0.4%, and even less can be said for the newer Android Nougat 7.1.1. Now, however, it seems like Samsung is planning to skip 7.0 and go directly to 7.1.1.