Google Allo 14 reveals coming zoom and blur effects for quick selfie, new Allo web & Data Usage setting pages, more [APK Teardown]

Google Allo version 14 began rolling out just yesterday, but deep in the app’s code we’ve found details on some features that are new in this version, and a few in the works for future unreleased versions of Allo. Some of these, including new zoom and blur options for quick selfies, a new Allo for web setting page, and a new Data Usage page, we’ve managed to enable ourselves…


Galaxy S8 teardown suggests Samsung worked on OIS for its front camera [Video]

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two fantastic Android smartphones, and part of the reason for that is that they pack just about every top-of-the-line feature you would ever want.

However, it seems there’s one more interesting feature that Samsung might have been working on before shipping the phone that never quite made it to launch… more…

Pixel teardown reveals little OEM branding, best repairability score of any HTC device

As is customary with a new device, several sources have now performed a teardown of the Google Pixel. Speaking to the Google-made nature of the device, iFixit notes that there is “almost zero evidence of this phone’s HTC manufacturing origin.” Another look at the premium hardware reveals that front-facing speaker grill is surprisingly made of cloth.


BlackBerry Keyone: Teardown reveals addition of adhesive to prevent screens from popping off

The BlackBerry Keyone is a pretty solid phone, especially as far as the hardware is concerned. It feels like a tank in hand, but it was quickly discovered that there was a major flaw — the phone didn’t have any adhesive behind the display to keep it in place. That led to customers having their screens pop off. Thankfully, it’s now been confirmed that BlackBerry has put a fix in place.


Teardown reveals Nexus 5X is easily repairable, includes Qualcomm Quick Charge chip

As usual, iFixit has cracked into the latest Nexus device, Google’s Nexus 5X manufactured by LG, to give us our first look at the insides of the device and some insight into just how repairable it will be for owners.

Google’s Android team already filled us in on why it left out Qi Charging on the new Nexus devices (the reversible USB Type-C included is simply more efficient, it said), but we didn’t get an answer on why it didn’t take advantage of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. It turns out the device actually includes a chip that supports the feature, the Qualcomm SMB1358, Quick Charge 2.0 IC, as confirmed in the teardown earlier today. And Qualcomm supports the Nexus 5X’s new USB-Type C connector, so it’s still a possibility the feature could be enabled for the device in the future.

But apart from getting a look inside of the device for the first time, the teardown doesn’t reveal many details we didn’t already know. It does, however, show that Nexus 5X is easily repairable compared to much of its competition with a score of 7 out of 10 meaning most components of the device will be easy to swap in and out or fix. The one downside iFixit noticed included a fused display assembly, which it noted means the “glass and LCD will need to be replaced together if one or the other breaks.”

The positives include the fact that several components “are modular and can be replaced independently,” according to iFixit, and that a standard Phillips screw driver, and not proprietary tools and parts like other devices, is all that’s necessary to open the device.

You can check out iFixit’s full tear down here.

Google app 7.9 prepares for Home calling & proactive notifications, adds new ‘Bisto’ string [APK Teardown]

The latest beta of the Google app rolled out last night and brings along with it a number of new strings. Announced at I/O, there are more references to making calls through Google Home. There are also mentions to the proactive notifications that are coming to the device later this year.