Android N introduces new security measures to prevent future Stagefright vulnerabilities

Last year’s particularly virulent Stragefright bug allowed attackers to perform a number of actions on an infected device through remote code execution. While Google has addressed those issues with monthly security patches, Android N will play a larger role in making sure a similar issue does not happen again.


Stagefright vulnerability fixes for HTC One M9 and M8 on AT&T now rolling out

Google may have promised to keep its Nexus devices updated once a month, and was one of the first to push fixes for the vulnerability in Stagefright, but that doesn’t mean owners of other phones will see such prompt updates. Today, weeks since Nexus devices were patched, AT&T’s HTC One M9 and M8 are receiving over-the-air updates to keep you safe when sending MMS messages.

You can find information about both the HTC One M9 update and that for the HTC One M8 over at AT&T’s website. The OTA for the M9 comes in at just 55.53 MB, while the M8 update is 28 MB. These are pretty tiny numbers for OTA updates, so you shouldn’t expect much more from this update than the patch for Stagefright. It goes without saying that it’s still important to update though.

Head over to the Settings app and mash that refresh button, or just wait until your device tells you that you’re ready to go.


Nexus 6, Nexus 5, many Samsung devices getting Stagefright fixes from Sprint

The Stagefright exploit is definitely not a minor problem, and it potentially affects basically any device going back to the early years of Android. But thankfully, Sprint has been pretty on top of pushing out fixes for as many devices as possible. Today, the carrier is pushing out Stagefright fixes, labeled simply as “Google Security Patch (Stagefright),” to a couple Nexus handsets and several of Samsung’s Galaxy-branded phones.

Here’s the full list of devices receiving the patch today, with links to Sprint’s support pages:

As usual, you should expect to see these updates roll out over-the-air over the course of the next few days. “Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery,” Sprint says. If you want to manually check to see if the update is available for your device, head into the system Settings app. But while Stagefright is not “no big deal” by any means, you’ll probably be fine until your device is updated.

OxygenOS 1.0.2 update released with Stagefright patch for OnePlus One users

OnePlus One users running OxygenOS can now download the security patches to deal with the Stagefright vulnerability. OnePlus One announced in a blog post this morning that Oxygen OS 1.0.2 is now available to download, and fixes what some dubbed the worst Android vulnerability in the mobile device era. Customers are advised to ensure they back up all their data before flashing. Those using OxygenOS already won’t need to reset their devices.


New Nexus 5 & 6 Leaks, Qualcomm 820, and Android Stagefright Exploit!

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For this week’s green news, we discuss the Qualcomm 820 quad-core processor, New Nexus 5/6 leaks, and Android Stagefright exploit and how to fix it easily.

Here’s transcript of the video:

To say 2015 hasn’t been a great year for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon flagship would be a severe understatement. The Snapdragon 810 was supposed to be the latest and greatest processor. Instead, words like ‘overheating’ and ‘throttling’ accompanied any talk of the 810 in a new phone throughout the year. The disaster began in January with the LG G Flex 2 and continued with the HTC One M9 a few months later. By the time we arrived at the release of the G4, LG opted for the Snapdragon 808 instead of the 810 to curtail any heating concerns.

Recently several slides emerged out of China claiming to detail the specs and performance improvements for the 820. This is the first chip with Qualcomm’s new custom ARM core, codenamed Hydra. The leaked slides claim a 35% performance increase over the Cortex-A57 ARM reference core. This will be a quad-core chip rather than an octa-core configuration used for the Snapdragon 810. The GPU is also seeing a bump to the Adreno 530, with any accompanying 40% improvement in performance and 30% efficiency boost.  This may be the best decision Qualcomm has made this year.  We all know it was rather risky for Qualcomm to be jumping right into Octa-core processors without previous experience.  On the other hand, Samsung has been making Octa-core processors since a few years ago starting with the Galaxy Note 2.  By going back to quad-core processors, Qualcomm will definitely get back on top of their game and hopefully we will see it at the the top of the ranks again.  This happens happens so I am not too worried and Qualcomm 820 should be damn fast, lookin’ forward to that.

The fact that LG and Huawei are working on the next lineup of Nexus flagship handsets has been rumored for a few months now, but the actual devices have been pretty elusive until now. Now we finally have some solid leaks on both the LG Nexus 5 and the Huawei Nexus 6 thanks to a report by GizmoChina.

 The next LG Nexus device is expected to be a rehash of the LG Nexus 5. This phone will be packing quite the punch according to the leaked specs. It should release with a 5.2″ 1080p screen, a whopping 3180mah battery, a quad core Snapdragon 620 processor, 4GB of Ram, 64GB of storage, a 13mp rear camera with OIS, and a 4mp iris scanning camera on the front of the device. Some other rubbish specs include a fingerprint scanner on the back, USB Type-C, and fast charging. This could be one heck of a device, and should come as a budget Android device retailing at less than 0.   Very interesting, I may get one if the price is right.

Next up we have some Huawei Nexus leaks. The Huawei Nexus is expected to be a phablet device, the next Nexus 6. It is shaping up to be a true power house device. Sources say we will see a 21mp rear facing camera, wireless charging, and a metal unibody design. Sources didn’t have any info on the processor at this time. We fully expect to see a fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C in this device. It will also be running Android M out of the box along with the LG Nexus 4.

Well, that’s good news for us certainly since Google almost dumped Nexus program altogether this year but we should have new Nexus 5 and 6 from LG and Huawei later this year.   Yey!

Last week, Android’s security has been exploited through a bug called “Stagefright”, that gives hackers access to your phone via SMS text message.  Once the exploit is applied your phone is basically owned by the hacker. All personal information would be theirs including banking, credit card, health records, photos and anything else you store on your phone.   There is a way to fix this. If you are rooted the first way you can protect yourself is by freezing the text messaging app that came with your phone. You can freeze apps with Titanium backup. Once your text messaging app is frozen you can grab the messaging app “Textra”, which blocks video messages that may contain the exploit from automatically running.   Our news writer and YouTube friend Shane at DroidModderX has a video on this so check it out.

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