Project Fi integration might be coming to Voice, Google is ‘working on a solution’

We were recently told by a source that has been reliable in the past (they also tipped us off on VoIP integration coming to Voice, which Google confirmed) that Project Fi support/integration would be one keystone feature for the new Google Voice. That feature obviously didn’t launch last week with the redesigned version 5.0 of the app, but we now have reason to believe that it’s still in the plans…


Google updates Firebase to be a complete solution for building and maintaining apps

At yesterday’s I/O keynote, Firebase received the most enthusiastic applaud from the crowd of developers. Purchased two years ago, Firebase is a cloud backend service that does the heavy lifting of managing an app’s data. Firebase is now a complete solution for building and maintaining an app on multiple platforms.


Oppo teases ‘groundbreaking power solution’ and ‘unprecedented smartphone camera innovation’ ahead of MWC event

With Xiaomi having just announced its intention to announce the Mi 5 during MWC in Barcelona this year, Oppo wasn’t far behind with its own related — albeit incredibly vague — announcement. Oppo sent out a short press release claiming that it will show off a ‘groundbreaking power solution’ as well as an ‘unprecedented smartphone camera innovation’. If you’re looking for answers as to what exactly that means, I have none. It’s a string of buzz words that don’t say anything of substance.

The power solution could be anything from a new high density, high capacity, fast-charging smartphone battery, to a new battery pack. With Oppo having released motorized rotating cameras in the past, there are no shortage of possibilities as to what ‘camera innovation’ means.

Stepping aside from the excessive use of superlatives, Oppo had a fantastic year in 2015. Like Huawei, it saw a huge jump in the number of shipped devices worldwide. It sold 50 million smartphones, which was up 67 percent on the previous year, taking it up to 8th in the list of 2015’s biggest smartphone manufacturers.


Wow the World: OPPO to Unveil Breakthrough Tech at MWC
Shenzhen, Jan. 28, 2016 — The ever-evolving smartphone brand OPPO is heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2016, where it plans to unveil a groundbreaking power solution and an unprecedented smartphone camera innovation that will offer tomorrow’s consumers a reinvigorated user experience.

“With our commitment to equip everyday consumers with the best technology, OPPO invests great efforts in technological innovation. We have a legacy of bringing new ideas to the industry that we are proud to uphold, such as introducing the world’s first motorized rotating camera, the fast and safe VOOC Flash Charge technology, the first front-facing Screen Flash, and the first selfie beautify function for smartphones,” said Mr. Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business. “We are excited to present OPPO’s latest breakthroughs at the world-class MWC and look forward to creating even more amazing user experiences.”

In 2015, OPPO sold 50 million units, representing year-on-year growth of 67 percent. The company has broken into the top ten smartphone brands worldwide, ranking eighth in units shipped, according to a recent report by TrendForce.

Moto 360 Sport review: The best Android Wear fitness solution so far [Video]

Compared to the dozens of other Android Wear watches we’ve seen over the last couple of years, the Moto 360 Sport is both different and the same. It’s different because, unlike the more popular classy offerings in the form of the Huawei Watch, the Fossil Q, the Moto 360 (2nd gen.), and others, the Moto 360 was made from the ground up with an active lifestyle in mind. It’s the same, however, in pretty much every other way imaginable… more…

Cloud Spanner beta brings Google’s globally-distributed database solution to third-party developers

Used internally to run several large services, Google is making its Spanner globally-distributed database solution available for third-party developers. Cloud Spanner is launching in public beta today with the promise of bringing both consistency and scaling to mission-critical applications…


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