Are the Moto Mods enough for you to overlook the Moto Z2 Force’s flaws? [Poll]

Lenovo today officially unveiled the new Moto Z2 Force. As the successor to last year’s Z Force, the device has an identical footprint and is compatible with both old and new Moto Mods. Alongside the Z2 Force, Lenovo also showed off two new Mods: a gaming controller and a 360-degree camera.

Are Moto Mods enough to convince you to purchase the Moto Z2 Force?


Should Google offer a dark theme on all of its apps? [Poll]

Android is all about customization and allowing users to change the operating system to fit their style. For this reason, custom builds of Android allow for users to enable dark themes throughout the operating system and some app developers have also built dark themes into their apps.

Although it isn’t live in the YouTube mobile app, today we did see the option pop up allowing for a dark theme on the desktop. Do you think Google should build dark themes into all of the company’s applications?


Should Google add a news feed to its homepage? [Poll]

Since its inception, Google’s homepage has not changed much. On it, you will see the company’s logo and the search bar. Besides some links around the borders, is pretty sparse. Then, after Google unveiled a revamp of Feed, rumors started floating around that it would one day be added to the search giant’s homepage.

Do you think Google should place a news feed or something else on its homepage?


Has your smartphone been updated to Nougat yet? [Poll]

Google released the March Android distribution numbers today which showed a sharp increase in the percentage of phones currently running Nougat. While this number is helped by the arrival of new phones announced at CES and MWC, we are still waiting for many older flagships to get updated. Has your smartphone been updated to Nougat?


Would having a mesh router built into Google Home be useful for you? [Poll]

As the Google Home now works with most smart appliances, its role in people’s households is becoming more important. A report came out this morning suggesting that Google is working on a future device that merges the Google Home and a mesh Wifi router. Would you be interested in picking up a future Google Home device that could be used as an access point?


If you could, what specs would you upgrade in your smartphone? [Poll]

Whenever new devices come out, there are companies like iFixIt that tear them apart and attempt to see how difficult it is to repair them. In these cases, though, they are only looking at how easy it is to repair broken screens, replace batteries, and fix other minor aspects of the device.

Today, we received a report of a Nexus 5X owner who was able to successfully double the amount of installed RAM from 2GB to 4GB. A while back, another user even upgraded his Nexus 5 with extra storage. If it was possible, would you manually swap out the preinstalled internal hardware for something newer and more powerful?


Which of Moto’s 10 phones this year are you most interested in? [Poll]

Before it was purchased by Lenovo, Motorola had three distinct smartphone models that were each targeted at a particular type of consumer. There was the flagship X line, the G line for those on a budget but still wanted decent performance, and the E line for those who just needed a dirt cheap smartphone. Now, Moto makes so many different phones that it’s hard to differentiate them.

Do you plan on purchasing any of the phones that Motorola has released this year?


Would you cancel your cable for the new $35 YouTube TV service? [Poll]

Over the past two years, YouTube has been working on building its own online TV service, and today the company officially unveiled it. YouTube TV is a per month service that incorporates Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC alongside the standard YouTube experience. Is this enough to get you to cancel your cable?


Is the Essential Phone’s Sprint exclusivity a deal breaker for you? [Poll]

A report emerged yesterday claiming that Sprint would be the exclusive carrier for the Essential Phone, a move that was confirmed by Sprint this morning. What this means for customers in the US is that Andy Rubin’s brand new smartphone can only be bought unlocked for full price or through a single carrier. Will the prospects of you purchasing the Essential Phone be diminished if you can’t buy it from a different cellular carrier?