LastPass survey finds 95% of Americans share passwords, 59% use same password for multiple sites

It’s no surprise that 95% of U.S. consumers share up to six passwords with other people when you consider that this includes WiFi passwords for home Internet connections and sharing Netflix passwords with family members, but a survey by LastPass showed that 59% also re-use the same passwords for multiple sites. Put the two facts together and people could potentially be allowing access to rather more than they intended.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to share passwords with a friends: 40% of 18-29 year olds do so, dropping to 15% for those aged 30-44 and 6% at 45-59. Only just over a quarter bother to reset a password after they’ve shared it with someone else.

While the company’s motivation is to promote the emergency access and password-sharing features it introduced last month, it does provide a nudge to ensure you’re not using your WiFi password for anything sensitive.

Samsung halting some Galaxy Note 7 shipments following multiple user device explosions

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the Galaxy Note 7 released to glowing reviews, but reports are now claiming that the company is pressing pause on shipments of the device. Why? Over the past several days we’ve seen multiple reports of user devices exploding while charging, so Samsung is suspending shipments as a safety concern for its customers.


Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on Android

Instagram today has officially announced support for mutliple accounts. After a slow roll out to multiple users, users are now able to add up to 5 different Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them all. Multiple account support has been added as of Instagram’s 7.15 version for Android.


Marshmallow-based Remix OS 3.0 is now available w/ improvements to multiple window

Based on Android Marshmallow, Remix OS 3.0 is now available for download. The next major version of what is essentially desktop Android was announced back in June with the Surface-like Remix Pro tablet. Features include significant updates to multiple window, increased GPU support, and the requisite stability and bug fixes.


Newly released multiple angle video and photos show Google’s self-driving car accident [Video]

A new video with multiple angles and new pictures of the Google’s self-driving car hitting a bus last week and its aftermath have been released today. The accident is believed to be the first where Google’s system could be found at fault. more…

Samsung reportedly refusing to meet full costs of fire damage in multiple Note 7 cases

The Guardian reports multiple cases of Samsung refusing to meet the full costs of damage caused by Note 7 fires. It recounts the stories of three owners whose homes suffered severe damage after their Note 7 devices caught fire.

John Barwick from Marion, Illinois, was in bed on 8 September when his wife Joni’s device exploded on the nightstand […] 

“They told me they weren’t going to pay replacement costs of any damaged items. We were asking to have our carpet replaced, and to have the goods that were sprayed on replaced. We sent them photos,” he said. Instead, Samsung offer to pay a depreciated value of the items.

While some low-end insurance policies do only pay out for the used value of damaged goods, you’d expect a company of Samsung’s size to have better insurance in place. Samsung is also refusing to pay for hotel costs for someone forced to move out of their home due to the severity of the damage …


Google Play celebrates its 5th birthday with top content lists, multiple Daydream VR games half off today

Five years ago today, Google launched the Play Store, a new home for buying apps on Android. Along with apps, it also sells books, movies, and TV shows, and has become one of the most popular places for obtaining content on the web today.


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