Reddit’s official Android app now launched w/ three months of free Reddit Gold

We got our first hands-on with a beta version of Reddit’s official Android app back in January, and the app has now been formally launched in the Google Play store. Confusingly, it’s currently labelled as version 0.3.1 despite the company listing it as the launch week.

The app is the best way to enjoy Reddit on mobile.

  • Browse all of Reddit, wherever you are
  • Search and discover communities by topic or interest
  • Submit your own comments, images, links, and stories for others to view and discuss
  • Customize Reddit with themes (including night theme)
  • View in either compact view or card view
  • Stay up to date with your orangereds with Inbox: messages, comment replies, post replies, and mentions … 


Some Galaxy S8/S8+ owners can claim 6 months of Netflix, a free microSD card and case

Every phone offers up a handful of extras along with the device. In some cases that’s a pair of headphones, a free case, an improved warranty, or some free software goodies. With its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8, Samsung is offering an excellent collection of promotional items for those who have recently purchased.


9to5Toys Lunch Break: 3 months of free Reddit Gold w/ app download, Mpow Streambot Mini $14, more

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Reddit’s official Android app now launched w/ three months of free Reddit Gold


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Smartphone Accessories: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III 9 shipped (Reg. 0), Aduro 2-Outlet USB Surge Protector , more


Buy a refurbished Apple AirPort Express Wi-Fi router w/ 1-yr warranty for shipped (Orig. )



Ryobi’s new Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener has a Bluetooth speaker and more

It’s official: Android Pay is coming to the UK within the next few months, several banks already signed up [Update]

Update: Speaking to TechWeekEurope, Barclays has indicated it has no plans to support Android Pay in the UK. Instead, it would rather continue with its own apps for contactless payment.

“At this stage we are not planning on participating in Android Pay in the UK,” a spokesperson said. “In January this year we introduced a contactless mobile payment feature to the Barclaycard Android app that allows customers with an Android phone to make contactless payments for £30 and under, and at some retailers for up to £100.”

Recently it was rumored that Android Pay would finally land in the UK, and other international destinations, in March. With this month quickly running out of days, Google has officially announced that its mobile payments service will be launching at some point in the next few months. No specific date has been revealed, but, several banks are already onboard.


Google+ getting improvements to UX, spam control, & moderation in coming months

For those that actually use Google+, its flaws aren’t exactly a secret. The site is plagued with spam, and many still haven’t adjusted to the relative sluggishness of its new web interface. And, with the recent refocus on Communities, Collections (and most recently, Topics), the site in general is getting somewhat confusing to anyone but seasoned G+ veterans (of which there aren’t many).

Now, one Google+ Engineering Manager Leo Deegan has come out on Google+ (appropriately) to let us know that Google is aware of the network’s flaws and is working on a variety of improvements.


Despite driving 100k miles, Google’s self-driving cars haven’t seen an accident in over 2 months


Up to June of this year, Google’s self-driving cars had yet to be at fault in any accidents, and it seems that record has held true over the last few months. Of the dozen or so accidents up to that point, the majority had happened when the self-driving car wasn’t even moving, and the rest occurred when Google’s safety drivers were in control of the vehicles.

Unfortunately, in the months after Google released the first report, Google’s cars continued to see a couple of accidents per month. But that trend has come to an interesting halt recently. As we’ve learned thanks to Google’s recently-published

Comment: A few months later, and my Google Home is indispensable – and I’ve only scratched the surface

Plenty of new and exciting Google products launched over the last few years have left me underwhelmed. About anyone can tell you that I was high on the Google Glass train for a while (even though I didn’t actually own a pair until it was basically dead), and I’ve written countless times about how I just can’t find any use for Android Wear (or frankly, most wearables). And other more-recent new Google products, like Daydream View, have simply sat in my drawer for months on end.

I don’t know if, until now, any single tech product has entered my life since the smartphone that has ended up being just completely indispensable and necessary. Something like (forgive my rough estimates) 75% percent of my interactions with consumer tech over the last few years have been with either my phone or my laptop. That other 25 percent has been filled with things like traditional television, tapping around on a smartwatch, playing video games, or using some kind of tablet.

With the Google Home now a part of my daily routine, though, these numbers are changing. It’s a minor shift to be sure, but I’m starting to be able to assign a noticeable percentage of my tech interactions to this new product and I’ve found myself feeling somewhat more free from my phone lately…


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3 months in: LG’s G Watch R does hardware right, but Android Wear holds it back (for now)

We’re still in the relatively early days of Android Wear, but I think those who have tried the platform have spent enough time with it by now to know whether or not it’s essential to their lives in its current form. I hate to spoil this review in the first two lines, but I know already that, for me, Android Wear is not something I really need. Put simply, it’s just not useful enough yet. From the available Android Wear devices I’ve tried, there are a couple that I think do hardware very well — the LG G Watch R is one of them. I like it so much that I want it to be a necessary part of my day, but it just isn’t there yet… here’s why. more…