Google loses Material Design’s principal lead to Dropbox

Nicholas Jitkoff, a principal designer at Google since 2006 is leaving the company to be Dropbox’s vice president of Design (via TechCrunch). Responsible for helping create and lead Material Design, Jitkoff worked with product teams around the company to consistently deploy the design language. Before his broader role as Material Design’s principal designer, Jitkoff was a user experience lead for Chrome. He […]

Google opens 2017 Material Design Awards to Android, iOS, & web, accepting self-nominations

In addition to opening sign-ups for the Indie Games Festival today, Google is now taking nominations for the 2017 Material Design Awards. A more open selection process this year will look at Material experiences on both iOS and the web. Of note, Google is only taking self-nominations for their third annual award that recognizes “best-in-class […]

Leaked HTC brand video reveals possible Vive phone, focus on color, material customization

HTC’s upcoming January 12th event carries a rather generic “for U” invitation. The latest rumors point to three new devices this quarter, with the first possibly being an underwhelming phablet. However, a leaked video from Evleaks shows that HTC might be focussing on customization and possibly a Vive phone.


Google just published the Material Design Awards for 2016, here are the winning Android apps

Ever since the introduction of Material Design way back at 2014’s I/O, Google has put a lot more emphasis on design than ever before. “Google Design” itself became a thing, and among the initiatives promoted by the company to bolster its overhauled aesthetic sense, there are proper MD “Awards”, whose 2016 winners have just been announced


Google Play Newsstand gets a major revamp w/ Material Design & personalized ‘For You’ section

Google Play Newsstand has just received a major revamp that adopts Material Design’s latest guidelines and is focussed on delivering personalized reading recommendations. Version 4.0 swithces to a bottom navigation bar and has a new personalized “For you” seciton as the main feed.


Samsung working to recover 157 tons of scrap material from recalled Note 7s

Following one of the biggest consumer electronics recalls in recent memory, Samsung is sitting on quite a lot of Galaxy Note 7 units. So many, in fact, that protestors have even gone up against the company demanding answers on its plans for the waste. Among other ongoing efforts, Samsung has today revealed what it plans to do with a lot of those leftover Notes.


Material redesign of Gmail on the web planned w/ Smart reply, Snoozing, Smart grouping

Back in May, a G Suite product roadmap revealed that Google Calendar on the web was due for a revamp in late 2017, while we saw testing of that Material redesign last month. Meanwhile, Gmail is slated for a similar redesign that also adds features like Smart Reply, Snooze, and more to the web.