Upcoming ‘Visual ID’ feature in Android Pay could use face recognition for loyalty programs

Earlier this year, Google shut down its Hand Free pilot program that allowed users to pay at retailers with just Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and visual authentication. At the time, Google noted that it was focusing on Android Pay and it now appears that elements of Hands Free are beginning to appear…


Google is postponing support for its 3D Touch-like feature for Android

With the announcement of the Apple Watch‘s “Force Touch” first and the iPhone 6s‘ 3D Touch after, Apple introduced a new, intriguing way to interact with our screens, matching interesting software features with the pressure-sensitive panel behind the actual display.

Predictably, despite some devices like Huawei‘s Mate S or ZTE‘s Axon Mini already supporting some sort of similar, proprietary technologies, Google was rumored to be working on a system-wide implementation for all Android OEMs to use. However, as Recode reports, the support for such a feature seems to have been put momentarily on hold…


Samsung Gear S2 picks up AT&T’s NumberSync feature through update

AT&T first announced its new NumberSync feature back in October and said it’d come first to Samsung’s Gear S2 which launched on the network last month.

Today AT&T says NumberSync is rolling out through an update to Gear S2 smartwatches, marking the first product to pick up the new feature which lets you share your real smartphone phone number with other connected devices to make calls and texts simple.

Existing customers can get NumberSync on Gear S2 through a software update. New customers can enjoy NumberSync upon initial setup.

NumberSync lets you send and receive texts1, as well as make and receive calls, from your smartwatch2 using the same mobile number that your family, friends and colleagues already recognize.

NumberSync operates on the AT&T wireless network and is not dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. You can even use it when your smartphone is off or disconnected from the network.

AT&T is also temporarily offering the Gear S2 for on a two-year contract, 0 off the regular contact price. Check out our Gear S2 unboxing and review video here.

Instagram updates Stories feature with support for Snapchat-like geostickers

As it continues to play catch up to Snapchat, Instagram today updated its Stories feature with support for geostickers, a capability that Snapchat has supported for a while now and is arguably one of its most unique features.

At this point, Instagram’s geofilters aren’t nearly as widespread as Snapchat’s, but presumably that will change as time progresses…


New Nexus phones will bring new Ambient Display features, ‘Support’ tab in Settings app, ‘Night Light’ feature

With the debut of Android Nougat just a few weeks away, more and more leaks are showing us what the latest Nexus phones — and the accompanying version of Google’s mobile OS — will offer. According to the latest leak out of Android Police, Google has a couple more tricks up its sleeve for Nougat including some changes seemingly exclusive to Nexus devices and more…


Google Calendar intros Trash feature on web, now lets you restore deleted events

Google is rolling out a new feature to its web-based Calendar interface. Users who delete calendar events (accidentally or on purpose) can now access a new Trash function that lets them restore the event. From the official blog post, it seems it’ll be available immediately to both regular Gmail users and Google Apps accounts.

Ever deleted a calendar event by mistake and wanted to get it back – just like you can in Gmail and Drive? Now you can: today we’re adding Trash functionality to Google Calendar on the web, providing an easy way for users to view, permanently delete, or restore individual and recurring deleted calendar events. Trash puts calendar users in control by letting them quickly reverse any event mishaps, and limits escalations to Google Apps admins.

You can access Trash from your calendar’s drop-down menu in the “My calendars” section as well as from your calendar settings. It’ll be available to any users who have editing privileges in both primary and secondary calendars. In the case of shared calendars, or Apps accounts, admins will be able to track which events are restored or removed from Trash.

It’s a useful new feature, especially in large teams where shared calendars can be altered for more than one person. The last thing you want is an important event disappearing from a group calendar, with no way to get it back again.

‘Classic’ Google+ interface will be deprecated on Jan 24th, while Events feature returns

In late 2015, Google+ received a significant redesign and a new focus on Communities and Collections. While Google iterated on this new version, the old version remained accessible. With a slew of new features coming, including Events, the classic interface will no longer be available as of later this month.


LG G5 rumored to feature metal unibody design, removable battery with unusual detachable bottom edge

As unusual rumors go, this is up there with the best of them. According to CNET Korea‘s sources, LG is planning and testing a G5 design featuring an all-metal structure, but with a semi-modular design for removing and replacing the battery.

The LG G5 is expected to be announced right before MWC next month, after the company sent out invitations to press for an event on February 21st in Barcelona.


Inbox app will use AI-powered Smart Reply feature to respond to Gmail messages for you

Update: It looks like the Smart Reply feature is rolling out starting tomorrow.

Google’s Inbox app for Gmail is one of the best things to happen to personal email management since email was invented. Using Google Now’s power, it can automatically create calendar events, sort out your junk and priority emails and suggest reminders. Now it’s about to get a whole lot smarter


Nest’s 3rd generation thermostat gets some new views for its Farsight feature

Nest today has added some new views to the Farsight feature of its flagship thermostat product. Rolling out to all thermostats soon, users will soon be able to show the current temperature and a new animated weather screen from across the room:

People love Farsight. But we heard from a lot of customers who wanted it to show the current temperature in big numbers you can see from across the room. So now, it can. And we’ve also added an animated weather screen. (You know, to satisfy meteorology fans.) Just go to Display Settings on your thermostat and choose your view.