Xiaomi preinstalling Office & Skype on all devices as it enters patent deal w/ Microsoft

Microsoft and Xiaomi have announced today what they are calling the start of a long-term partnership. As part of the agreement, Microsoft is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Xiaomi, while the deal also includes a cross-licensing arrangement for other patents. Additionally, Xiaomi has agreed to preinstall Microsoft Office and Skype on its Android devices.


Google’s image scanning Cloud Vision API gets official pricing as it enters open beta

If you’ve searched for objects or landmarks in Google Photos, you have already used Google’s Cloud Vision API without knowing it. Today, the Mountain View company announced that it is now opening up the API to more developers as it enters beta. Launched in limited preview last December, Google has also announced pricing for the service.


Chrome 53 enters stable channel, brings Material Design to Windows

Google has announced a number of upcoming changes to Chrome in the past few weeks, including phasing out Chrome apps on the browser and defaulting to HTML5 by year’s end. Chrome 53 — rolling out now to Mac, Windows, and Linux — contains the usual bug and security fixes, but also brings Material Design to Windows.


Chrome 52 enters stable channel, removes backspace as a return shortcut (Update: Material Design on Mac)

Update: Announced in version 50 of Chrome OS, Material Design is now enabled by default on Mac with this latest update. Those who have pointed out how “un-Maclike” it looks can switch back to the older Non-Material design by going to Chrome flags here.

Chrome 52 is rolling out now to Mac, Windows, and Linux. The latest version of the Google browser contains the usual bug and security fixes, but notably removes the ability to use “backspace” as a return shortcut. It also adds several developer features to improve browser performance.


Remix OS enters beta, adds support for 32-bit processors, OTA updates, dual-booting, more [Update: Download now]

Update: The beta version of Remix OS 2.0 is now available to download from their site.

Remix OS 2.0 is a full desktop operating system that runs Android apps and is easy to install on Macs and PCs. Remix OS will be graduating into beta on March 1st and with it adds support for older computers with 32-bit processors, dual-booting, and OTA updates.