Google’s new ‘Who’s Down’ app shows which of your friends are free to hang out

Google has just quietly released a new app on the Play Store, called “Who’s Down”. As you might be able to tell from its name, the app will apparently — once there are people who are actually using it — let you see which of your friends are free to hang out. Currently, the app is invite-only, so the only things we know about its functionality are from the app’s Play Store screenshots… more…

PSA: No, it’s not just you — Google Calendar is down

Update: It looks like service is being restored for some.

We’ve received a slew of reports this morning that Google Calendar — an app that is completely invaluable to the daily lives of many — is currently experiencing some extended (but, thankfully rare) downtime. Google has confirmed on its Google Apps status dashboard that many users of Google Calendar are seeing a “Server Error” page.

Problems were initially recognized at around 8:47 AM CT, and seem to be continuing almost as hour later with Google “continuing to investigate this issue” as of 9:35 AM. Additionally, we’ve spotted scattered reports of Hangouts being down for some, although the Google Apps dashboard is not showing any issues as of the time of this writing.

Apps Status Dashboard 2016-06-30 09-53-45

We’ll update this article when the service is back up.

Niantic plans to shut down streets for public Pokémon Go & Ingress community events around the U.S.

Niantic, developer of popular augmented reality games Pokémon Go and Ingress, plans to host community events for players in public spaces around the U.S. through a partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The company announced the project today, with the first event set to kick off this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Deal: New LG Nexus 5, unlocked with 32GB storage down to $149 on Woot (Reg. ~$280)

Update: According to the store’s forums, Woot has been shipping customers 16GB refurbished or ‘open box’ versions instead of the 32GB new version advertised in their original listing. If yours hasn’t shipped yet, be sure to check your device as soon as it comes to make sure you have been sent the storage capacity advertised. If you get the incorrect version, get in touch with Woot for a solution. They’re aware of the issue, a Woot staff member posted the following message:

Hey all. Good morning. I know you’re upset and we are as well. We are working hard to figure out what all happened with this.

As soon as we get it all sorted out, I’ll post here and you’ll get an email from CS as well.

I’m so sorry for this and please know that I’m working to keep on top of it.

Online retailer Woot has a one day only offer on the unlocked LG Nexus 5 in new condition with 32GB storage. For those of you who have been looking out for a pure Android smartphone on a budget, today’s offer on 2014’s Nexus may be too good to miss.


Twitter is shutting down its Vine mobile apps ‘in the coming months’

It goes without saying that Twitter has been struggling lately, but it looks like there might be a bit of an explanation now for the news shared earlier today — alongside its earnings report for the quarter — that the company is laying off about 9 percent of its workforce. Twitter announced on Medium today that the Vine mobile applications for Android and iOS are being shut down soon…


Nest software bug shuts down smart thermostats for many customers

Nest owners have reported that their smart thermostats have stopped working and as a result many woke up to colder than normal temperature in their house and unresponsive completely dead Nests. The fault lies in a software update (version 5.1.3 or later) that was pushed out to devices in December that drains the battery and ultimately shuts down the device.


Instagram copying Snapchat’s ephemeral sharing ‘Stories’ feature right down to the name

Facebook has been trying to recreate Snapchat’s success on its own ever since it tried and failed to buy the social app, and the latest feature it has developed for Instagram is no different. Instagram today unveiled Stories, a new photo and video sharing feature that borrows from the Snapchat-created feature right down to the name. Unlike traditional Instagram posts, Instagram Stories are more ephemeral and disappear 24 hours after being posted…


North Korea’s locked down Android tablet takes a screenshot every time you open an app

With cheap Android tablets a dime a dozen, it should not be too surprising when a country like North Korea forks the OS to make a very locked down device for its citizens. Details of the tablet (via Motherboard) were shared at a hacking festival by a research group covering the country’s technology.