Facebook intentionally made its Android app crash to test how addicted users are

According to a new report out of The Information, Facebook has been putting a variety of contingencies in place behind the scenes to ensure that should it ever feel the need to pull out of the Play Store, it could survive. The report details a variety of practices Facebook has engaged in recently to attempt and reduce its reliance on Google, the Play Store, and built-in Android features.


Text-string bug causes Android, iOS & Windows Skype apps to crash repeatedly

A text-parsing bug is causing Android, iOS and Windows Skype apps to repeatedly crash when they receive a simple text string. On all these devices, chat history is loaded when the app re-opens, causing it to immediately crash again.

The text string is simply the first part of an URL, on its own: http:// …  more…

Hovering over this link will crash your Chrome browser, and here’s why [Video]

A YouTube user by the name of Tom Scott has discovered a nasty bug in Google Chrome. It’s probably harmless, and Google is probably about to fix it, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Typing in http://a/%%30%30  in your browser window and pressing the Enter key will completely crash your browser, and even hovering over a link containing the text will at least crash your current tab.


Here’s why this happens: