Review: OnePlus 5 is the company’s first truly killer flagship [Video]

OnePlus has a reputation for making high-performance phones — self-branded “flagship killers,” at abnormally low prices. Those prices have climbed with each new phone the company puts out, and the OnePlus 5 sits in the same price range as some “true” flagships like the LG G6.

That might not necessarily be a bad thing, though. The higher cost also means OnePlus was able to put better specs in the 5, and it’s starting to look less like a flagship killer … and more like a proper flagship.


Xiaomi Mi 5 launch on Feb. 24 will be company’s first at MWC in Barcelona

A few days ago, Xiaomi’s global VP Hugo Barra confirmed on Twitter that the company would be releasing the next eagerly-anticipated smartphone on February 24. Just a few hours ago, Barra took to Facebook to announce that a media preview for the Xiaomi Mi 5 will take place in Barcelona during MWC while the launch event takes place in Beijing…


Hands-on with Google Wifi, the company’s first self-branded router [Video]

Google just announced Google Wifi, an appropriately-named WiFi router, which — among other things — lets you easily create a mesh network in your home, similar to Eero. It’s not necessarily an OnHub replacement, but rather gives you another cheaper option that is made by Google itself…


Get up to $100 off Huawei Watch in company’s Black Friday promotion

Update: The discounted prices are also now available at Amazon.

Black Friday is just a few days away, and tech companies are now tripping over each other to make sure they get products in to people’s hands when the made shopping rush begins later this week. Several retailers have kicked off their Black Friday deals early, including the likes of Amazon.

Now, Huawei has revealed its planned discounts for Black Friday, and it looks pretty good if you’re in the market for an Android Wear watch or an affordable smartphone. Here are the products discounted, and their prices:

  • Huawei Watch – Stainless w/black leather strap – 9 (regular 9)
  • Huawei Watch – Stainless w/stainless mesh band – 9 (regular 9)
  • Huawei Watch – Stainless w/stainless metal link band – 9 (regular 9)
  • Huawei Watch – Black Stainless w/black stainless metal link band – 9 (regular 9)
  • Huawei P8 Lite – 9 (regular 9)

The deals go live on Black Friday, November 27th and are only live for 24 hours at, Huawei’s official US online store. You should also keep an eye on Huawei’s products on Amazon, as we’re expecting prices to drop there too.

To stay on top of all things Black Friday, be sure to bookmark the 9to5Toys Black Friday page which will be updated constantly to include all the best and latest discounts anywhere online.

Xiaomi experiences sharp sales drops, but company’s global VP Hugo Barra is not worried

As far as sheer numbers go, Xiaomi does not seem to be doing so well. Despite some of its recent successes such as the launch of its shockingly beautiful Mi Mix, the Chinese firm has experienced a series of losses on its balance sheet.

However, that seems to be under control — and most of all not a problem, at least according to SVP Hugo Barra…


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SamsungOne font becomes the company’s official universal typeface for all of its products

Following Google and Apple, Samsung is the latest company to design its own font to represent its brand. SamsungOne is a universal typeface that will be featured on everything from smartphones to appliances. Reflecting the company’s global presence, SamsungOne is a family of scripts that covers 26 writing systems, more than 400 languages, and over 25,000 glyphs.


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France fines Google €100k after rejecting company’s ‘right to be forgotten’ compromise

The French data protection regulator CNIL has fined Google €100,000 (2,000) after rejecting the company’s proposed compromise over the controversial ‘right to be forgotten‘ legislation.

The legislation gives individuals the right to have ‘outdated or irrelevant’ information about them removed from Google’s search results. Google at first offered to remove the results from Google’s local domains on a country-by-country basis, in this case, before saying that it would also remove them from when a search was carried out from within France …


Apparent model number for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 appears on company’s website

We’ve been reporting on rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5, the South Korean manufacturer’s upgraded prosumer, phablet-sized smartphone, on-and-off for the past few months. Now we’re seeing something on the company’s website that leads us to believe the phone is nearing a public unveiling and release. First spotted by SamMobile, a blog which follows Samsung closely, a […]