Google continues to push its Photos service with new ad for automatic backup [Video]

Google seems to be on a major push to increase take-up of its Google Photos service. A little over a week ago, it ran a video ad focused on how useful it is to be able to recover space on your phone by removing photos already stored on Google. It’s now running a new ad on the value of automatic backups.

The ad shows someone jumping into a pool, and realizing while he’s in mid-air that his phone is still in the pocket of his shorts. The voiceover says that, sure, you can get a new phone, but what about the photos on the soaked one? ‘What will you do?’ the narrator asks … ?


Google is adding automatic obstruction removal to the Pixel’s camera

The Pixel’s camera is impressive, and Google just keeps making it better. Using some behind-the-scenes computer wizardry, Google can turn a noisy low-light photo into something gorgeous. There’s also that impressive stabilization, but things are about to get a whole lot more impressive.


Twitter is A/B testing an automatic night mode in latest alpha version on Android

While the Android N Developer Preview 3 removed a system-level dark mode, apps can still automatically switch between day and night modes. Introduced as part of the Android Support Library 23.2 in February, developers can now easily add a night mode that switches based on the time of day and location. Twitter appears to be A/B testing a night mode in the alpha version of its app.