Spigen launches Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ cases available now ahead of launch

Spigen is one of the first major accessory makers to start accepting orders for its new line of Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases guaranteed to fit Samsung’s new devices launching later this month following an official introduction last week.

The new cases include a number of Spigen favourites and some newer offerings, all redesigned specifically for the S8 and S8+ and ready to ship now ahead of the new phones becoming available on April 21st. The new lineup includes both a Galaxy S8 case collection and Galaxy S8+ case collection.

Head below for your first look at the new Spigen Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases available to order now:


Now you can post 360-degree photos on Facebook straight from Galaxy camera app

It wasn’t that long ago when creating 360-degree photos that you could share with others online required special camera kit, and you had to post them on websites that supported the feature. It’s since got much easier, and as of the latest update to the Android Facebook app, you don’t need anything more than a Samsung Galaxy phone and the stock camera app.

Simply take a panorama with your phone […] and then post it on Facebook as you would a normal photo. From there, we’ll convert it to an immersive 360 photo that people can explore, similar to how people experience 360 videos on Facebook … 


This week’s top stories: Exploding Galaxy Note 7 recalls, Nexus/Pixel phones, Android Nougat, & much more

In this week’s top stories: Samsung recalls some Galaxy Note 7 units due to exploding batteries, new Android devices are unveiled at IFA in Berlin, and Google prepares to launch its new Nexus devices with “Pixel” branding.


Samsung IFA press event invitation once again suggests a Gear S3 smartwatch incoming

We’ve known for months that Samsung has a refresh to its Gear S line coming at IFA, but now it’s all but confirmed. Following a couple of reports from SamMobile this week detailing some features the watch(es), the Korean company is now sending out invitations to its event at IFA 2016. The art of the invitation clearly shows a watch face, giving us one last indication that the long rumored Gear S3 is only a couple of weeks away…


Major Pokemon Go update adjusts stats, removes broken Nearby feature, allows avatar customization, more

Pokemon Go has just received its first major update since launch. Version 0.31.0 for Android and 1.1.0 for iOS removes the broken footprint functionality, refreshes the UI, and allows avatar customization with more options after the initial sign-up. Besides bug fixes and optimizations, several Pokemon stats were also changed.


Nest restructuring sees platform developers join Google’s Internet of Things team

Since the departure of founder Tony Fadell, new Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz has reiterated that the company was “not for sale” and released a new outdoor camera a few weeks later. Fortune, however, is now reporting that the company is again restructuring. The restructure will reportedly see the Nest platform team join Google proper.


Samsung launches next-gen SmartThings Hub with 10-hour backup battery, new app for Android

Samsung’s answer to Apple’s HomeKit, SmartThings got some valuable stage time at IFA in Berlin this morning, with the announcement of a brand new SmartThings Hub. The hardware has been revamped, and no longer needs a connection to the cloud in order to work. What’s more, it’s got a built in backup battery capable of giving you 10 hours use in the event that you have a power cut.  The new Hub is available to order today and was launched alongside a handful of complimentary sensors for tracking water leaks and motion among other things.

Whether you have two smart devices or 200, all you need is one Hub to create a smart home. Like a live-in translator, the Hub communicates with all of your different connected products—regardless of their wireless protocol—so that you can easily monitor and control them from the SmartThings app.

Samsung’s new SmartThings hub has a more powerful processor enabling it to handle video streaming and sensor monitoring tasks without the cloud. With this feature in mind, Sammy also introduced its new Smart Home Monitor which lets users access a continuous vide live-stream and can trigger video recording when something unexpected happens. Only important video is saved for viewing, and early detection enables it to capture the footage before the event.

As well as new hardware, Samsung has released a new app for Android from today. You can organize and control your connected devices by room, view live streaming from cameras and manage the routines right from the app.

SmartThings is compatible with nearly 200 products, including the Amazon Echo, and devices from manufacturers like Bose, D-Link and Honeywell. The SmartThings hub is available to buy from today for from SmartThings.com or Amazon, with sensors priced between -.