Leaked Huawei Nexus 6P reveals 4 color choices, 3450mAh battery, storage options, more

Huawei’s upcoming Nexus phone is as good as revealed already, but with further leaked evidence hitting the web over the past couple of days, there’s now very little we don’t know about the Huawei Nexus 6P. A series of images posted to Imgur (revealed by Android Police) lists many of the Nexus 6P’s features and specifications.


Verizon to become last Nexus 6 carrier, announces handset ‘coming soon’

The Nexus 6 is finally coming to Verizon Wireless, making it the last carrier to get the device. The availability date is currently unknown, but according to a new banner on the carrier’s site, the phone is “coming soon.” Users can sign up for updates through Verizon’s website for updates on the availability of the […]

YouTube details ‘Project Butter’ initiative for smoother video in Chrome

With YouTube video as the motivation, Chrome recently received some enhancements to make the video experience as smooth as possible across devices. Dubbed “Project Butter” (not that Project Butter), YouTube engineers worked together with Chrome engineers to make optimizations to video playback.

YouTube engineers walked us through their thought process with the optimizations in a blog post:

Your device’s screen redraws itself at a certain frame rate. Videos present frames at a certain rate. These rates are often not the same. At YouTube we commonly see videos authored at 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, and 60 frames per second (fps) and these videos are viewed on displays with different refresh rates – the most common being 50Hz (Europe) and 60Hz (USA)… For a video to be smooth we need to figure out the best, most regular way to display the frames – the best cadence. The ideal cadence is calculated as the ratio of the display rate to frame rate. For example, if we have a 60Hz display (a 1/60 second display interval) and a 30 fps clip, 60 / 30 == 2 which means each video frame should be displayed for two display intervals of total duration 2 * 1/60 second.

Using that math, the team was able to come up with an algorithm that will allow Chrome to auto adjust to the optimal settings based on the display and the quality of the video being streamed. The improvements were introduced with Chrome 44:

In Chrome 44, we re-architected the media and compositor pipelines to communicate carefully about the intent to generate and display. Additionally, we also improved which video frames to pick by using the optimal display count information. With these changes, Chrome 44 significantly improved on smoothness scores across all video frame rates and display refresh rates… Smooth like butter

YouTube has more on the enhancements for video in Chrome 44 in its blog post here.

Google’s original Project Butter debuted with the announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as an initiative to make the Android experience smoother and more user-friendly. For its purpose, the project was a success — Android 4.4 went on to become one of the most stable and beloved versions of Android yet, and was succeeded by Lollipop, a complete revamp that reinvented Android from the ground up.

As you may know, the current stable release of Chrome is version 46, and version 44 stable was released a few months ago.

Vine officially transitions into simplified Vine Camera app on iOS and Android

As Twitter officially winds down its six-second video sharing service Vine today, the app on iOS and Android has transformed into the Vine Camera app as expected. As we noted earlier today, Vine the social network is officially closing its doors as today marks the last day that users are able to download their content from the service.


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This week’s top stories [Google I/O Edition]: Android N Preview 3, Daydream, Play Store on Chrome, Assistant, apps & more

In this week’s top stories we round up all of our coverage from Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference where it also took the wraps off a number of upcoming hardware and software products. Android N Developer Preview 3, the Play Store comes to Chrome, Google Assistant, the new Daydream VR platform and much, much more. more…

Google Maps for Android gains richer local recommendation search

Google Maps on mobile has since last year had an Explore section where users can find the best restaurants to eat at and things to do in their area. With an update rolling out today to the Android app, it’s becoming a bit more easy to specify and narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Prior to today, Explore only used the inputs of distance and time of day to determine what to show you. Users can now, however, specify a nearby neighborhood, category, and type of cuisine to find, on top of the existing inputs. Tapping on a suggested place will bring up more detail like who the vibe is best, or least, suited for, and sometimes it’ll include why Google chose to recommend that place in particular.

It seems crazy to me that Explore in Google Maps was lacking this type of gradual search before, but it was. The new inputs make perfect sense, too — what if I specifically want to find a place to have drinks with friends, and also make sure it’s not too upscale of a place? You couldn’t narrow your results down that far before, but now you can. Well, that’s if you’re in the US or UK, where the Explore update is limited to for now. And if you happen to be in NYC, San Francisco or London, Google will even curate its suggestions into named sections like “Best places for classic Mission-style Mexican food.”

Aside from the new search, the UI has been updated a bit with a card-based interface for swiping through suggested places and their corresponding photos. This interface closely matches what Google rolled out to its search product on mobile for rich content results just a few days ago. Maps for Android also recently saw its directions interface updated with a similar tabbed design displaying duration estimates for every form of transportation to a given location.

Other location-based recommendation apps like Foursquare and Yelp have had what Google is rolling out now for quite a while, it’s worth noting. When I find an APK for this new update I’ll be sure to update this post.

Google makes its TensorFlow artificial intelligence platform available on iOS

Google this week has published a new version of its TensorFlow machine learning software that adds support for iOS. Google initially teased that it was working on iOS support for TensorFlow last November, but said it was unable to give a timeline. An early version of TensorFlow version 0.9 was released yesterday on GitHub, however, and it brings iOS support.


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Bad news audio fans, looks like LG G5’s B&O Hi-Fi Plus module won’t be available in the US

When the LG G5 launched at MWC in February, the Korean tech giant also unveiled a series of ‘friends’, or modules. These clip-on modules were designed to offer a unique experience of one kind or another. Whether you wanted a more traditional camera experience, better audio or VR, LG had the answer. One of the most promising ‘friends’ was the Hi-Fi Plus DAC unit, built through collaboration with B&O. It offered much better quality audio.

If you’re in the US, however, it looks as though you might not even get the opportunity to order one…


Text-string bug causes Android, iOS & Windows Skype apps to crash repeatedly

A text-parsing bug is causing Android, iOS and Windows Skype apps to repeatedly crash when they receive a simple text string. On all these devices, chat history is loaded when the app re-opens, causing it to immediately crash again.

The text string is simply the first part of an URL, on its own: http:// …  more…

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